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At Bettafix Plumbing we understand the inconvenience and potential damage an unresolved plumbing problem causes to your home. Our courteous plumbers are dedicated to delivering top-quality services within your home and with minimal disruption to your environment. We are constantly evolving to serve the needs of our customers and take great pride in the professional services we offer.



Having a fully functioning Plumbing System is a vital part of any household. Your Plumbing System is responsible for the supply of Freshwater and distribution of Wastewater. With this system being used daily, it is common to have wear and tear within your pipelines and fixtures. Your water supply line is under constant pressure needed to supply water to every fixture in your home, while your Sewage and other Drainage Systems rely on gravity to create its flow rate.

Geysers & Heat Pumps

Water Supply, Storage & Pump Systems​

Septic Tanks and French Drains

Sanware, Taps, Pipelines & Fittings​

High Pressure Drain Cleaning

Sewer & Storm-Water Systems​

Fire Boosters, Hose Reels and Pipelines

Leak Detection & Repair

Quality Plumbing Repairs

Without a Mess

Plumbing problems can undoubtedly cause a great deal of chaos on your Property. We provide Round-the-Clock Assistance to Assess and Repair Any Plumbing Issues you have. Our team of Expert Plumbers get to work immediately, keeping our workspace clean throughout the project. Rest Assured our Plumbers will have the utmost Respect for Your Home and Your personal Belongings at all times.



Our Plumbers have been serving the local community for many years and take great pride in exceeding our customer’s expectations with every project we undertake. We have worked in a variety of homes and developed a great understanding of how household plumbing systems function.

Single-Story Homes


Multiple-Story Homes


Apartment Buildings


Complexes & Townhouses



Our Plumbers are available 24 Hours a day, providing fast and effective plumbing solutions throughout the local community. If you require expert plumbing assistance, contact us now.

Plumbing System

Upgrades & New Installations

Our Plumbers have experience with Plumbing projects of all sizes. Whether you’re building your home from scratch or making new additions to an existing structure, quality Plumbing Installations are essential to functionality of your property. As a Registered Plumbing Company we adhere to the local laws and regulations needed to provide the most efficient and long-lasting Plumbing solutions. Our confidence is in our products supplied and the knowledgeable way in which they are installed.

Create the Space

of your Dreams

Over the years our teams have developed a comprehensive skill set that allows us to complete every aspect of your home transformation, bringing your bathroom to life. We are fully qualified to carry out the full installation of your new Plumbing System, whether you’re building a new home or remodelling your current space.

Home Expansion & Construction

Bathroom Design & Installation

Preventive Maintenance Plumbing

For Your Household

Regular Plumbing Maintenance is a crucial part of ensuring your home’s Plumbing System is functioning efficiently throughout the year. Our Plumbers are equipped to inspect and examine hidden faults within your pipelines. We provide Maintenance Solutions that will minimise the risk of costly damages caused by unexpected Plumbing Emergencies. Preventative Maintenance is forward thinking and extends the lifespan of your Plumbing System.