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Plumbing Solutions

Whether you are designing a project from scratch or making new additions to your property, quality Plumbing is essential to the functionality and longevity of your Plumbing System. From the foundation to the final touches, our qualified Plumbers will complete all installations in accordance with local municipal bylaws and required regulations. We work closely with our customers to ensure each project is completed in a time efficient and professional manner.



Geysers & Heat Pumps

Water Supply & Reticulation Systems

Septic Tanks & French Drains

Fire Boosters, Hose Reels & Pipelines

Storm-Water Systems​

Sanware, Taps, Pipelines & Fittings​

Water Storage & Pump Systems​

Sewer & Drainage Systems



Installation Services

The Bettafix Plumbing team is experienced with Construction projects of all sizes and strictly adhere to all building codes necessary to Install any Water Supply, Storage, Drainage and Sewage Distribution Systems for your new development. Our Plumbers place a high priority on safety practices, handling all equipment and power tools with care. We follow the mandatory Personal Protection Equipment requirements needed to ensure a safe working environment for all involved in the Construction Process.


Quality plumbing is essential to ensuring the safe supply of water and disposal of waste in every household. We specialize in delivering reliable Plumbing Installations that are complied and implemented in the most efficient manner possible.

Commercial Plumbing

When a commercial property undergoes new construction, professionally installed plumbing is an absolute must. We are dedicated to providing long-lasting Plumbing installations that eliminate disruptive inconveniences once the business is in operation.



Our Plumbers are available 24 Hours a day, providing fast and effective plumbing solutions throughout the local community. If you require expert plumbing assistance, contact us now.

Upholding Plumbing

Industry Standards

Our Plumbers take pride in completing all New Plumbing Construction projects in a rapid and efficient manner, making sure all Plumbing Installations are done right from the beginning. Being comprehensively Registered in the Industry allows our Construction teams to carry out all Work in a safe and knowledgeable Manner. We are qualified to sign off Plumbing projects from plan to be passed by local inspectors, assuring you all work will meet Regulations. As a Registered and Licensed Company, We Offer Compliance Certificates for All Work Carried Out throughout KZN By Bettafix Plumbing.

From the Foundation

to the Final Touches

At Bettafix Plumbing we are proud to offer turn-key Construction Plumbing Services that are delivered on time and completed to precision. Our Construction teams have the expertise to help you find the best Plumbing Fixtures to match design ambitions. We strive to achieve your desired outcome by transforming your vision into a fully functioning Bathroom that not only looks amazing, but performs efficiently for years to come.

Conscious Planning


We keep in constant communication with our customers to ensure everything is done according to plan and the new construction runs as smoothly as possible. By identifying challenges prior to starting a project, we minimize delays and unwanted disturbances to our Plumbing process. Our experienced Plumbers provide Plumbing services that are professionally Constructed and Implemented, preventing unforeseen conflicts to the construction stages and structure once completed.